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Evolving Packaging

Our packaging is made out of plastic & cardboard. Our formulae are rich, and natural - and require a specific level of protection & barrier to ensure the products do not go off, or leach through the tubes. Whilst there have been some promising recent advancements in packaging made from plant-based fibres, these are not commercially available to us yet. Glass pots are also not suitable, as they expose the creams to oxygen & bacteria, which means they will go rancid (due to our low level of synthetic preservatives).

In 2019 the below initiatives were put in place:

• The phase-out of gold tube caps, to be replaced by a more environmentally friendly plain cap. The full phase out is due for completion by the end of 2020.
• The phase-out of plastic blister shell cases. The full phase-out will be complete in 2021.
• The immediate halt to  making plastics for e-com shipping filler packaging. The full phase-out is in progress.

Our 2020 commitment is to continue to research improved packaging as options advance.

We always look to do better. We welcome all constructive feedback on our packaging.

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