Order Questions

Please allow 1-2 days for tracking details to update. After this time, please email your tracking & order number to hello@lanolips.com and they will get your tracking number up and working again!

At this stage we ship to Australia and lots of countries in APAC. For a full list of countries we ship to please click the Delivery & Orders page for all countries we ship to. For orders to North America, please go to lanolips.com to order. For orders to Europe, please go to lanolips.eu to order.

For all other countries not listed, unfortunately we don’t yet ship to your region, we are working on it. Please sign up to our email newsletter and we’ll email you when we are live in your region. For all other order related questions please visit the Delivery & Orders page.

All orders for Australia and International include Australian GST. However, for international customs and import duties, Lanolips has no control over these charges and we are unable to tell you what the cost would be, as customs policies and import duties vary widely from country to country. Lanolips is not able to pay these charges for you or refund any of these charges.

For Australian Orders please refer to below cut off times, we recommend selecting Express Post - if in any doubt to receive your order in time. 

We recommend for Australian orders the last day to order express post is 15th December (and 13th December for WA & NT).

Standard post - WA & NT – Last day to order is 5th December

Standard post - Rest of Australia – Last day to order Friday 10th December

Express Post – WA & NT – Last day to order 13th December

Express Post – Rest of Australia – Last day to order 15th December

New Zealand International Tracked Postage – Last day to order 1st December

For all International Orders placed after the 30th November, we can’t guarantee you will receive in time for the holidays, as we are relying upon our very busy partners, and the limitations of air services during COVID.

Product Questions

The only products that contain SPF are the Tinted Lip Balms. Our Tinted Lip Balms contain SPF 30 – so that you can stay hydrated and sun safe! Note - the Tinted Lip Balm’s bought in the United State and Canada do NOT contain SPF.

1000% YES! The Multipurpose Superbalm has 101 uses that includes hydrating dry, cracked lips!

As lanolin is natural, it is a heat susceptible ingredient. This means it can become slightly more ‘liquid’ in warmer months, and slightly more ‘solid’ in colder months.

If you are having difficulties getting the ointment out of the tube, we recommend warming the product up before use, by rolling it around the palms of your hands, popping it under your leg while sitting down, or warming under the arm for a few minutes before using.

101 Ointment is 100% Pure Ultra Medical Grade Lanolin, whereas Golden Dry Skin Salve is the same lanolin (quadruple lanolin), with Manuka honey and vitamin E blend for added nourishment.

They both work incredibly well for dry skin and lips, Golden Dry Skin Salve is just slightly thicker and is designed to spread over larger areas of the body.

All of our lip products are safe to put on your lips and ingest (however, we do not recommend eating our products).

Full ingredients are found on their product pages on www.lanolips.com.

Hospitals give lanolin to mothers for nursing with newborns - it's THAT safe.  We recommend the 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm, Everywhere Multi-Cream & Dry Skin Salve as safe for babies. However, we always recommend for you to consult your doctor before use.

Hydrating with lanolin is fantastic and safe for pregnant women.
However, during pregnancy, some women become more sensitive.
Therefore, we always recommend for you to consult your doctor before use.

Yes!!! Lanolin is at the heart of every LANO product – ensuring that you are always hydrated. ✌️

Yes, our lanolin is sourced from Australian and New Zealand wool (due to their ethical farming practices, and excellent merino wool) and it is the by-product of wool washing after shearing. It is 100% cruelty free, because if the sheep are not sheared, their fleece will become soiled, too hot and heavy for them.  They must be shorn whether we use lanolin or not.

Once extracted from sheared wool, our lanolin goes through a highly specialised and patented cleansing process, which makes it the purest, creamiest, most luxurious & decadent lanolin in the world.

We only use suppliers that can guarantee their lanolin meets 'Animal Cruelty free' certification.

It takes thousands of kilos of wool to produce only a small amount of lanolin, and it is impossible to know exactly what specific sheep our lanolin comes from. But we do know that sheep produce one fleece per year, and keeping them happy (and alive) year-on-year ensures they grow a new fleece each year, for many years. Sheep for wool and lanolin are kept alive as long as they can, and are not killed for meat directly after shearing.

Wholesale Questions

For wholesale enquiries, please contact hello@lanolips.com.


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